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Hey, I'm Felix, a 13 year old programmer who produces large amounts of side projects. I'm currently working with Repl.it on a mobile app 😛

On the side, I'm interested in physics, and I've been playing the cello for 8 years! I'm looking to get into cyber security and I welcome any books about that.

I love reading science fiction and books about design and software architecture. I'm also a huge Terry Pratchett fan, and I've read every Discworld book. My favorite books to date are...

  • Life in Code by Ellen Ullman
  • Atomic Design by Brad Frost
  • Going Postal by Terry Pratchett
  • How To by Randall Monroe (how can I not love it)
  • Permanent Record by Edward Snowden


Dan Simmons

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From @anonymous on Mon Jan 13 2020

Pratchett and Stephenson are two of my favorite authors, and Dan Simmons is right up there, too. Hope you like it! Thanks for water.css

The Art of Deception

Kevin D. Mitnick, William L. Simon

I've always been interested in Kevin Mitnick and cyber security, this looks like a great book about all that.

From @BhavikChinai on Mon Dec 02 2019

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