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PSA - I'm using read.gift as a kind of wishlist for books that I currently want to read because honestly its UX is so much better than other sites, so whenever I come across a book that looks interesting or that I want to read I just park it here for the time being so you may see the list fluctuate a lot 😅

My goal with this is to build a kind of interdisciplinary library of books on design, architecture, tech, product, social sciences, data visualisation etc in order to act as my "second brain".

Anyway, hi, I'm Chandra and I've done a bunch of things. Art things, writing things, design things, music things..

My first job was to figure out the number of potato chips you can take away from a packet without people noticing and it's all been downhill from there. 

We now live in an era where, thanks to the amplifying potential of digital technology, an interaction designer’s work - the interfaces and systems that they design - can affect the lives of not just tens or hundreds, but millions and billions of people. 

John Maeda calls this the era of “computational design”. Designers today are in a position to dictate the ways in which people use technology—and in turn the ways in which they access their money, go to work, talk to their friends and family and myriad other things. I'm interested in learning more about what that means.

Check me out at chandra.fun

You can buy books for Chandra, from their wishlist, or pick another book yourself: