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By day, I work on building digital and human infrastructure for the next generation of makers at Dorm Room Fund, Hack Club, and Cal Hacks. By night, I hack on side projects of my own from homebrew programming languages to javascript frameworks.

I'm curious about education, communities, technology, design, and how entrepreneurship and market dynamics underlie it all.

You can find me @thesephist everywhere on the internet, or at linus.zone/now.

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The Art of Computer Programming

Donald Ervin Knuth

AOCP needs no introduction -- it's the opus majus of Donald Knuth. I want to dig deeper into how to write programs that don't just work well, but compose and interface beautifully together. It's another universally recommended reading for becoming a better programmer.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

Gary Vaynerchuk

I'm not a huge huge fan of Gary Vee, but it's hard to deny that he knows what he wants to spend time doing, and goes after it ruthlessly and with mastery. I think there's a lot to learn in this book about how he thinks about careers, work, and creative output.


Safi Bahcall

Loonshots was recommended to me by a friend and fellow student VC Keshav. To be frank, I don't really remember too much about why I was interested in this read, but I found it in my notes near the top of my reading list highlighted in bold, so I'm including it in this list :P

The Diamond Age

Neal Stephenson

The Diamond Age was recommended to me by Zach, who I have the great fortune of working with at Hack Club. Zach tends to have great taste, so I'm betting on a great read.